Greetings! This is the autoresponder-bot speaking. If you can read this you probably have an Internet connection and you also know there is this thing called Web-Design. On this site you can witness our attempts to show everyone (including ourselves) what it is and how it could be done properly.

The major focus aspects of our work are: building websites, GUI creation, logos, corporate design and advertising material of any shape, size or form. We are willing to take on any task, but only if we get to know you well, for a substantial reward and with unpredictable results — we are artists, we have a vision!

On this page you can witness but a sample of our works. The rest we were too lazy to present and publish. The aforementioned trait prevents us from doing many other things, like doing interviews on TV or signing autographs. You can still contact us via this form if you like though.

Thank you for your attention.

P.S.: here we would've written something about our creative way of thinking, pursuit of optimal solutions for tasks at hand, individual approach to every of client's needs... but we would not. Instead please read these equally meaningless yet apparently useful, from SEO point of view, couple of words: branding, optimization, corporate culture, advertising trend, naming, market research, focus groups.

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